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Welcome to TW Lures

Manufacturer based in Cape Town, South Africa, making various lures for saltwater fishing.

Specializing in vertical jigging for GT’s, Dogtooth Tuna, Amberjack and Yellowfin Tuna .A range of bucktail jigs and monnow style jigheads from 3/8oz-8oz for both the shore and boat angler.We manufacture lead dumbell eyes for saltwater fly tying , suppliers to the tuna pole industry as well as snoek spinners,bokstangs and leads for the South African as well as Namibian line fish industry.
Comprehensive range of yellowtail and kob spinners for the boat and Rooikranz fisherman .

  • Lumo spinners for angelfish .
  • We make diving weights for spearfishermen and scuba divers.
  • Spincasting of promotional merchandise and medals.
  • Dropshot jigheads 3/8 - 1,5 oz for kob
  • We manufacture and supply cast Great White Shark teeth , whale tails and whale pendants.
  • Extensive range of skulls and lanyard beads available for knifes.
  • Large range of Celtic and Viking jewellery.
  • Spartan, Hoplite and Viking helmets for knife lanyard beads.
  • Manufacturer of survival lanyard shackles .
  • Manufacturer of MOLON LABE shield beads and buttons  .
  • Leather bags made to order..
  • Large and small orders accepted..
  • We manufacture jigs to customer specifications and export worldwide..
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